TC2T is different from many of the podcast currently in the crypto space.

The show covers my personal experience in crossing the fiat to crypto line and the reality of what it entails. All while having an organic conversation that is contextual to the guest, showing their human side.

The show isn't about price talk or schilling a product. It's about sharing the story of the people that make up the growing blockchain industry and what we call the crypto space. The goal to help with mass adoption of the technology by conveying the relatable stories of the people who are involved in varying degrees of the space. Keeping the idea in mind that you don't have to be a programmer or a CEO to know about or talk about blockchain or cryptos.

This podcast is broken up into 2 segments.

  • Everyday People - is geared towards folks who take part in some aspect of the Crypto Space (traders, miners, HODLrs, devs). but they do not actively work in the space. So if your a nurse, mechanic, or dog walker, this is where we can share your story and experience about being in the space.

  • Conversations With - is for people who work for blockchain/cryptocurrency related companies. Or are noted personalities in the space. So wither an account, Human Resource, a lead UX designer or a influencer, this is where your story would be shared.

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Well that's great, I'd love to talk more about it. Just a heads up if it's not something I'd use myself or an event I'd attend, this may not be the ideal collaboration. But just cause it doesn't fit me, doesn't mean I can't recommend someone more suited, lol.

As they say, it never hurts to ask.

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