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Welcome to Trekk Smart Consulting.

Through Storytelling, I help thinkers & doers in the blockchain and crypto space, deliver a concise and simple message by emphasizing human qualities that fosters a story that connects.





I'm here to help, but honestly I'm not everyone.

Trekk is a consultant, writer, public speaker, and podcast host summed up as the storyteller in shades behind Trekk Smart Consulting.
Growing up during the tipping point of computers and smartphones reaching mass adoption, Trekk is a lover of most things tech. As a kid, he saw scifi as a world only limited by imagination seen through comic books, tv shows, and movies. As an adult, the progress of technology brings shows like Star Trek and Babylon 5 one step closer to reality. Starting as a HODLr, Trekk has been in the crypto since 2012 and left defense contracting in 2018 to start Trekk Smart Consulting.
In this digital age, Trekk sees the exponential struggle for blockchain related companies seeking paying users of their product or service against a mass of me too businesses online. Companies solely focused on marketing without developing a brand identity will be lost in the noise.
Based on his experiences in the blockchain and crypto space, qualitative observations, intellectual capital, and network, Trekk works with blockchain conscious thinkers and doers in the small business world to develop their brand’s voice and build a community based on the 3 types of community language.

The three community languages are consumer, customer, and clientele.
Let’s connect to better understand who your brand’s voice attracts.


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